It's Simple...
But It's Not Easy

We're not here to tell anyone what to believe or what to not believe. To be honest, we don't even agree on what to believe. One thing we all agree on, though, is that the word "Christian" has been hijacked by a bunch of people who make us embarrassed to use that label on ourselves.
We've distilled our common beliefs down into one simple phrase. We call it the Prime Directive. Yes, we're a bunch of geeks.
Our Prime Directive is based on what one Nazarene taught as the Greatest Commandment:

Love God; Love Your Neighbor

"There is no commandment greater than these."
- J. Christ (Mark 12:31)

Wait, whaaat? No commandment greater? None.

"Learn it, know it, live it."
- B. Hamilton ("Fast Times at Ridgemont High")

This is just... weird.
This is just... weird.

Come to Jesus

The phrase "Come to Jesus" is used in the US military for when you've screwed up and your commander is about to "correct" your mistake and give you one.last.chance. You're about to have a Come to Jesus Meeting.
It's a positive thing.

Stroll Through the Garden

There's No Them - Just Us

One of the best quotes to come out of our study is:
"As soon as you split the world into us and them, you can be sure Jesus is with them."

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