Our Principles

  1. Criticize your own thoughts before someone else does
  2. Never be the smartest person in the room
  3. Admit your mistakes enthusiastically
  4. Be grateful to those who help you see where you're wrong
  5. Seek your own answers, don't rely on someone else's
  6. Spiritual truth is like a white light behind a stained glass window - each of us sees it a little differently.

Our Story

We've been studying (mostly) The Bible on Saturday mornings for longer than any of us care to admit. I had hair when we started. We're mostly from Christian backgrounds of one flavor or another, and have come to realize that Jesus was about one thing: Be excellent to each other. The rest is commentary.

Meet the Team

Look, we're just a handful of suburbanites who are sick of letting obnoxious people steal the word "Christian" and turn it into something un-Christ-like. We don't want to be famous... so we're not going to post pictures of us.

Not God

The Bible

This wonderful book, the subject of many centuries of study, is a delightful compendium of wisdom, campfire tales, and man's attempt at defining the undefinable.

Not Jesus

Jedi Knight

No, this isn't Jesus, it's Ewan McGregor as Obi-Wan Kenobi. But he sure AF makes a dashing Jesus, am I right?

Not Me

Attention Grabber

This is the first picture I got when I typed "Beautiful Woman" into Google.
Way more likely to get your attention than a picture of me. Be honest, you looked here first.

Your Point of View

If you enjoy our thoughts - or if you see another point of view - please let us know. We're trying every day to pull the plank out of our own eyes. It's the only way to get closer to the truth.