People don't "frequently" ask questions about this stuff. Honestly, I'm not sure why. But here are some questions I suspect people might want answered:

Why do you guys pick on Christians?

Seriously, we try not to. We just know Christianity way better than any other religion, so it's the language we all speak. All of the world's ills and all of the world's beauty can be expressed through the language of Christianity. So please understand, we're not picking on Christians.
We are picking on hypocrites, though. Just like Jesus did.

Do you think the Bible is God's word?

Of course. Everything in creation is God's word. But sometimes we get it wrong. The Bible contains a lot of examples of us getting it wrong.

Does God even exist?

Honestly we don't have an answer to that one. We argue about this among ourselves. We don't actually know anyone who, after long and thoughtful conversation, can honestly say they know God exists.
But that's what faith is all about, right? Not knowing.